Is Financial Freedom your real objective?

If not, why not?

Aren’t you tired of worrying about money?

Do you really believe that simply having a certain amount of money in the bank will make you financially free?

Ask any multi-millionaire and they will tell you, financial freedom is NOT about any particular amount of money. And the mindset that believes success equates to some financial goal will not get you where you truly want to go.

What is money really?

The currency itself is simply paper. In and of itself, it is nothing.

Many successful entrepreneurs are carrying a lot of debt.

In fact, one definition of millionaire is a person with the ability to obtain a million dollar bank loan!

Tony Robbins tells the story of a client who took his company public, and in one day made $800 million. The man left his old life behind and bought an exclusive property on a fabulous beach.

Ninety days later Tony got a call from his client. The client said, ” I hate this. I’m so bored. I’m going to start another company.”

Learn something from this story and wake up to the fact that financial freedom is about something much more than dollars in your bank account.

Whether you know it or not, what you really long for it freedom.

The prison holding you back exists in your own mindset.

To create Financial Freedom requires freeing your mind around four essential pillars:

  • Purpose
  • Power
  • Passion
  • Play

True success is an exciting blend of personal happiness and professional achievement. To experience one without the other is to feel unfulfilled.

One of the most exciting activities in life is contributing to the world through your work. It is a way of knowing that you make a difference in the lives of other people.

For those few who achieve it, this kind of accomplishment has great meaning and enduring value. Unfortunately, few of us ever know the joy of being fulfilled by our work.  Many people achieve success, but do not enjoy their work. This leads to living an arid life that lacks the juiciness and passion that fill the heart with joy. Many love what they do without the financial rewards that lead to freedom.

Strategic Success Mindset is an organization devoted to the development of a way of thinking about yourself, life and other people that allows you to actualize your full potential in a way that is both financially rewarding and spiritually fulfilling.

It is a way of opening to a purpose that is greater than the needs of your personality and calls forth aspects of yourself that have not yet been birthed into the world.

During the process of development in our formative years we have experiences that are painful, and from this we make meaning about what is safe to be, do and have in the world. Our brains are hard-wired to create neural pathways to help us avoid pain and move toward pleasure.

Unfortunately these neural pathways form before we have the adult discernment necessary to correctly interpret life experiences. Belief systems form around ourselves, life and others that are limited, based in perceptions of the self that are not accurate.

As a way of avoiding pain our brains delete, distort and generalize about experiences in a way that gradually shuts down the possibilities and opportunities inherent in life.

We simply don’t see them. They don’t appear on our field of vision. It is common for discouraged entrepreneurs to think “Life is against me. Other people get breaks, but not me.”

Our false beliefs create self-made prisons.

We inadvertently box ourselves into smaller and smaller prisons created by our own limited perceptions. In our confusion we try to make others change, thinking wrongly that this will free us. We want our boss to change, or our spouse and kids to change. We think: “I can be happy when they are different.” But that day rarely comes. We focus on all there is to do, and feel overwhelmed, stressed, even burned out. We end up going through the motions, either numbed by some addictive behavior, or in inner turmoil. Life takes on a feeling of quiet desperation. We think “There has got to be more than this to life.”

You may have noticed this “make them change” strategy doesn’t work well. Our desire to have others change alienates the very people we want to have great relationships with. In frustration we dim our desires, shut down our passions, and live a life of simmering inner frustration, or outer angry resentment.

The only person you can effectively change is yourself.  That may seem like bad news, because most of us resist change. But once you learn how to do it, the feeling of freedom you get as you consciously change yourself, and live by conscious choice is very empowering. Fortunately despite our fears and resistance, it is not difficult to choose differently, and as we discover the choices we made that built the prison we live in, we can just as easily make difference choices that tear those prison walls down. This is the way we free ourselves!

Learn to set yourself free!

Learning how to set yourself free is the work of Strategic Success Mindset.

Welcome! You are here for a reason. Stay and discover the opportunities and possibilities we have ready to share with you.



Kristin van Tilburg

Maybe my story will sound familiar…I suspect it might sound a little bit like what has happened for you…

Perhaps the best way to begin to describe what I do is to share the defining moment in my life that got me to where I am today. I woke up one morning in the summer of 2005 and simply couldn’t get out of bed. I could no longer escape acknowledging that I was depressed and that my life was no longer working.

Finding My Purpose

Though I had at one point enjoyed a career that looked incredible on paper, my heart was no longer in it.

  • It wasn’t enough that I was working with the political leaders of a major metropolitan area in the heart of the decision-making process.
  • It wasn’t enough that I owned my own home.
  • It wasn’t enough that I had a wonderful daughter and had been a successful single mother.
  • It wasn’t enough to be fueled by the dreams and desires of my past.
My heart was no longer in it….

I could no longer ignore my intuition that told me that I needed to do something else.

  • I needed to be in a career that allowed my creativity to flourish.
  • I needed to work in a field where the core values were more linked to my own.
  • I needed to work with people and to continue to grow as a person.
  • I needed to use my gifts and talents to provide transformational experiences for business owners on the path with me.
Four Mouths To Feed: A Living Lean Guide to Fulfillment

So after a year of procrastinating and living in fear of giving up the only career I knew, I finally decided to spend my free time writing my first book and to take the time I needed to figure out where my intuition would lead me. I completed and published my first book, Four Mouths to Feed: A Living Lean Guide to Fulfillment in 2006.  Find it on Amazon here:


In allowing myself to be in a space where anything was possible, I was able to reconnect to my deepest dreams and desires. I was no longer content to merely survive, I was ready to thrive!

  • It would be enough for me to teach people how to awaken to their own co-creative potential with life.
  • It would be enough to flourish in a career that connected with my life’s purpose.
  • It would be enough to define success on my own terms.
  • It would be enough to live as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Thus I created my own business consulting practice, where my mission became teaching extraordinary entrepreneurs to transform their own mindset while utilizing advanced online marketing strategies to expand their customer base, and increase the profitability of their businesses. Now I feel like I’ve been consulting all my life and feel blessed to call business consulting my career.

I am honored to be here with all of you, about to embark on a journey into mindset transformation and advanced online marketing strategies which has the potential to shatter the glass ceiling that is currently limiting your income and support you to actualize your fullest potential. I am so grateful to be here. Let me know how I can assist you!

My Path

In the meantime I completed a two year training program with a spiritual leader to become a facilitator of the transformation of identity. Often before an entrepreneur can actualize the full potential of their business, they must first expand their own identity as an entrepreneur.  True success and ultimate fulfillment can only emerge from an intimate connection with your own spiritual essence. As I started to work with people myself, I was excited to know first-hand that transformational consulting really works. I also learned how to develop curriculum tailored to the individual needs of my clients.

This training greatly contributed to the current success of my practice. I have since continued to further my education by taking numerous classes, workshops and trainings. I have been personally trained by best internet marketers, including Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, Bryan Franklin, and Eben Pagan, all the top names in online marketing.

My Consulting Mission

My consulting mission is to teach extraordinary entrepreneurs how to transform their mindset while working with the fundamentals of advanced online marketing strategies to expand and ultimately actualize the full potential of their businesses.

One of the ways we do this is to explore your dreams. Your dreams are the distilled essence of your purpose in life. These deep passionate desires are the guidepost for how you are to use your co-creative abilities. False beliefs contract and compress the co-creative potential of your true nature and manifest as a life lived in frustration and discontent. As you learn to eliminate these false beliefs you re-discover your potential to co-create with the limitless possibilities of life, and you are able to realize your dreams one next step at a time.

Simultaneously, we use advanced online marketing strategies to create raving fan customers. As you know, your business thrives when you become a trusted adviser to your clients. In order to earn their trust you must create a relationship with them, and demonstrate the value of your products and services.

To do this you must have an effective presence on the internet. This includes;

  • an attractive website that resonates with customer preferences.
  • A way of communicating regularly with customers, including an email list, and effective emails that build relationships.
  • Content that adds value
  • Eye-catching animated videos that address customer’s needs and desires
  • Products and services that add value to the lives of your customers

Contact me so that we discuss how my expertise can serve your business goals today:



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I have individualized consulting programs in the following areas:

  • Conscious Co-Creation:
    • build the skills required to let go of living in reactivity and begin co-creating
  • Inner Game Work:
    • identify and shed the false beliefs that are creating an inner glass ceiling in your life, keeping you stuck in a box that is familiar, but way too small to allow the fullness of your being to emerge. We work on mastering Power Relating: the ability to relate to yourself, to life, and to others by conscious design and the embodiment of your most deeply held values.
  • Vibrational Restructuring:
    • master your self-talk to create conscious connection to your Essence, and up-level your energetic frequencies so that you live in the space of inspiration and creativity
  • Living Your Destiny:
    • integrate your co-creative potential with financial success. We partner together to step into the vision for your future that is indicated by your deepest dreams and desires. We formulate a direct plan of action. You will create success on your own terms and with ease. You will unleash your passion for your work and for your life. You will connect with the genius of your authentic self and become unstoppable!
  • Enlightened Entrepreneurship:
    • build an online-presence to enable you to make money doing what you love while making your greatest contribution to our world
  • Radiance and Visibility:
    • if you are an entrepreneur looking to shed your unconscious commitment to invisibility, and being the best kept secret in town, then this work is for you. Uncover and identify the ways that your choices and perceptions are being limited by the need to fly under the radar, and learn to live in courage and confidence. Your radiance expands one new choice at a time. But often our survival as children depended on remaining invisible. It is frightening to face the challenge of being seen by yourself. Give yourself the gift of support as you move into your full radiance and begin to shine like the star that you are in the marketplace.
  • Expanding Your Experience of Essence:
    • a life lived from the mind is arid, dry and ultimately untenable. If you are successful, but feeling unfulfilled this why. If the question “Is this all there is?” is constantly emerging into your awareness it is because you have inadvertently disconnected from your essence and shut down your heart. If you don’t know what you are feeling and what you need it is essential that you obtain the support you need to connect to your essence. When this connection is conscious and deep the experience of passion and purpose emerge. Your daily actions are inspired by who you are, and you live in alignment with your essence in a way that is deeply fulfilling and highly motivating!

Please contact me at Kristin@StrategicSuccessMindset.org to arrange a free Mindset Expansion Session.

During this complimentary session we will:

**Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate business success

**Uncover hidden challenges that may be slowing down your business growth

**Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally have and enjoy the business of your dreams that makes a huge contribution to the world, and gives you the financial stability to enjoy your life on your own terms.



I love to hear from you!

Please contact us at Support@StrategicSuccessMindset.org.