5 Ways To Stay Motivated Even WhenYou’re In A Slump

At times everyone experiences motivation slumps where the feeling of not wanting to do anything appears.

Despite the fact that you may have goals, schedules, and plans set in place, sometimes there is simply no drive to carry on.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to do inspired work when this occurs. Without inspiration the work is likely to be much less productive and effective. Your work needs to have a that spark of inspiration to be at its most powerful.

There is good news though. Even when there is no motivation there is hope. Not hope as in “maybe I can do this anyway” but hope as in “the power of unconditional LOVE never wanes, and it is flowing through me right now, even though I am not in touch with it at this moment.”

Reminding yourself of that eternal truth may be the boost you need all by itself. If not, there are five mindset strategies that may help you to shift into a motivated minset.

The first strategy has to deal with tuning in to the present moment.

This is easily accomplished by connecting to your breath. Feel your chest rising and falling. Expand the breath to reach deeper into the belly. Relax and open to the empowerment of your breath.

Then connect to your heart beat. Experience the deep appreciation for the unconditional LOVE that provides your breath and your heart beat without adding to your “to do” list.

From there, the second mindset shift is to turn your focus toward gratitude.

What are you blessed by in this moment?

What can you appreciate in your surroundings?

What are the ways that unconditional LOVE is flowing into your life today?

The third strategy is to bring to mind people that you know or have heard of that are being challenged and/or particular situations that you want to support.

What can you do to offer assistance?

Would a call to a friend uplift them?

Would a prayer for a certain situation add your positive energy toward a resolution?

What can you give in this moment?

A fourth opportunity to shift your mindset involves reconnecting to your vision, to your BIG WHY.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

How are you meant to serve life?

Why is it important that you persevere?

Who would be let down or disappointed if you gave up?

Reconnect with your WHY.

Imagine the achievement of your vision.

Make the colors bright, and bring the image of success up close, make it bright and light-filled.

Smell the scent of success.

Hear the sounds of celebration and rejoicing!

Feel it! Be there right now! Know it is happening.

Know that the actions you take today matter!

Fifth, how can you connect with others that share your vision?

Do you have a team? Call a short team meeting and ask each person to share three things they have accomplished recently that have brought you closer to your shared vision.

If you have no team, who in your field inspires you? Can you watch a YouTube video of them speaking the vision or celebrating accomplishments?

Finally, if you are still feeling unmotivated, maybe you need a little break.

Put down what you are doing and get outside.

Go for a nature walk in the most beautiful place you can easily access. Take deep breaths and get your heart rate up a little bit by power walking.

Repeat to yourself, “I’m open to receiving the support I need to keep moving forward.”

Or some similar phrase that sets your sights on accomplishing today’s tasks.

Maybe, “I can do this. I want to do this. I’m able to do this.”

Then, when you return to your place of work refreshed, notice that with this mindset shift you are ready to take up your work with new energy.

Notice that it is always the mindset shift that sparks inspiration and new choices.

This is why mindset work is so critical to activating your full potential, and creating a successful business.

Is your business earning according to its full potential?

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