5 Ways to Feel Better Fast

How would it feel to overcome the frustration of a bad day and do it FAST?

if that would feel good, read this:

It is probably safe to say that every one of us experiences some kind of set back every day.

Hopefully it is a small thing:

someone cuts you off in traffic,

your boss or client is unhappy with something you did at work,

your spouse is critical because of something you didn’t do at home.

And then there are really bad days when something more major happens.

When you allow your circumstances to dictate who you are, every day is a bad day.

Here are five ways to take your power back from circumstances

and feel better FAST!

The first strategy is to define the circumstance that upset you in a neutral way.

Using the example of a traffic issue:

instead of “some insane jerk pulled right in front of me and cut me off”

try describing it in more neutral terms:

somebody pulled in front of me unexpectedly.

Right there you have already claimed back 80% of the emotional energy you would have wasted on that situation.

Can you see how you would already feel better simply by owning your power to neutralize what happened?

Has the circumstance changed? No.

But you changed your mind about what happened.

That is powerful!

Next, decide how you want to feel about that situation.

Maybe your strategy would be to stay calm and allow that action to just float by you like a cloud in the sky.

Maybe your strategy would be to experience some compassion for this stranger.

Notice how empowering it is to be choosing how you want to feel.

You’ve taken back another 5% of your personal power.

Now, ask yourself what kind of thought you would have to think in order to feel how you want to feel.

To feel calm, you might choose to think

“I’m glad I’m out of that person’s way.”

“I’m grateful that we didn’t collide.”

“I’m glad I’m able to feel calm and centered while I’m driving.”

To feel compassionate, you might choose to think,

“It must feel awful to be in such a state,

whether it is just selfishness, or some type of emergency…

I know how awful that feels, and I choose to send him some compassion.”

Again, notice you are focusing on your own well-being,

and out of the fullness of that wellbeing,

you are thinking thoughts that lift you into your higher self,

your most loving and compassionate self.

You are choosing to be the self you really want to be.

Notice that the same guy who did cut you off

has become an access point for you to reach into

and step into a more loving aspect of yourself

than you were in before the circumstance happened.

Can you see how powerful this is?

Can you see the freedom this gives you?

Now you have neutralized the circumstance,

selected a loving thought,

and you are now feeling more love and gratitude than before the event occurred.

What action do you want to take now?

Well, first notice the actions you already took to create a loving response and to bring a more present loving you into that moment.

Celebrate that!

Moving on, what next?

Drive calmly where you want to go?

Arrive safely?

Arrive fulfilled and with loving energy available to seed your next interaction?

Imagine your next meeting starting off on this higher plane.

Where might that lead you?

Can you see the infinite possibilities you are accessing for yourself out of this loving presence?

And finally, what might be the result of that action?

The meeting will go well.

Your business will prosper.

Your client will prosper.

More business will arise from that success.

Perhaps a raving fan is born

that is the source of many referrals in the future.

Do you see how that great energy multiplies on its own?

Do you see the ripple of LOVE moving out in front of you

creating a smooth path ahead?

Do you see the flow state you have entered

and how it affects the present moment

in a way that guarantees a more loving experience?

Notice that you have moved beyond

merely feeling better into feeling great:

empowered, uplifted, encouraged, joyful…

all because you were willing to own your power to co-create with life.

You stepped up to recreate an unwanted circumstance into an opportunity to birth compassion and LOVE into your own present moment.

Congratulations! Well done.

Mindset work transforms your life and your business!

It is the most powerful tool in your toolbox when you know how to use it.

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