7 Reasons Survival Is Dangerous To Your Health and Wellbeing

You must give up survival at once in order to begin to thrive…

Do you have focus on survival?

Are you competing every day for

scarce resources?

Are you focused on winning in order to guarantee your survival?

There is a great change moving across our world.

Many see the chaos and disruption and feel fear.

But there is another possibility.

Reason #1: A focus on survival keeps you focused on fear, lack and scarcity.

When you focus on what is being born, the fear dissipates and is replaced by a contented optimism that all is well.

In the context of “all is well” solutions become apparent that were previously unrecognized.

The fear and anxiety that you thought were protecting you from adversity turn out to be the very adversity from which you were fleeing!

What a joy to discover how useless that how survival orientation was and is.

Reason #2: A focus on survival keeps you focused on the past and what is known rather than creativity and innovation.

As you learn to live in this contented optimism your receptivity expands,

and you become more available to inspiration and creative innovation

that are the hallmarks of success.

Reason #3: A focus on survival reinforces neural pathways in the brain that are triggered by fear.

When you focus on contented optimism

the neural pathways in your brain that are reactive and fear-triggered

begin to degrade through disuse.

New neural pathways of infinite possibility form,

and get stronger and stronger with repeated usage.

This experience of repeatedly choosing contented optimism

opens the door to the experience of unconditional LOVE.

Reason #4: A focus on survival keeps you constantly judging yourself, life, and other people.

When the need to judge every situation

as either “good/bad” or “safe/unsafe” relaxes

you free the present moment to expand in your awareness.

Your own sense of safety in the now

becomes the firm foundation on which you stand

in your daily life.

Unconditional LOVE does not judge. It says, “Yes!” to whatever is happening now.

This joyful embrace of what is so,

with trust and optimistic expectation

changes the perceptual field you are operating in.

Reason #5: A focus on survival limits the options you see in front of you, which means you continually create the same results.

When you perception of the options in front of you changes,

the decisions you make change.

As you make new decisions,

your reality changes,

and always for the better.

You live in an expansive reality that is always becoming more.

This sense of acceleration and flow is delightful,

and you experience much more joy

in your daily walk through the world.

Reason #6: A focus on survival blocks the flow and forces you to keep trying to figure it all out.

No longer burdened by having to analyze

and strategize and figure-out your life,

you instead flow toward the delightful possibilities

that you encounter.

In this flow state the sense of unconditional LOVE again expands.

You become not only committed

to your own success and abundant wellbeing,

but equally committed to the success and abundant wellbeing

of everyone else.

Those who once seemed to be your enemies

now find a place in your heart.

Reason #7: A focus on survival disconnects you from your own sense of well-being and wholeness.

The perception that the expression of wholeness

is always the best option

allows you to feel the connection to all life.

You can trust that each individual

is being guided into this awareness in their own time.

The need to manipulate or try to control life fades away.

It didn’t work anyway,

and was a constant source of frustration.

It is easy to give this up

in the face of living in this flow of life and LOVE.

Your own inner knowing

becomes your trusted guide and companion.

I’ve given you 7 good reasons to give up surviving.

Give it up just for today.

If you don’t like it, you can always go back to it tomorrow.

But I’m betting you won’t want to.

Let me know how it works out for you.

Email me at Kristin@StrategicSuccessMindset.org.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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