Can You Feel Unconditional LOVE or Is Your Heart Too Hard?

You Need Unconditional LOVE As Much As You Need Oxygen

Do you know what unconditional LOVE feels like?

Have you felt it lately?

If not, why not?

I thought everyone could feel unconditional LOVE.

But it occurred to me today that maybe I’m wrong about that.

Maybe some people really can’t feel it.

It is a scary thought.

Can you feel it?

If not, is it because your heart is hardened?


That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?

We all know hardening of the arteries is bad.

That’s when your arteries…

you know, the “muscular tubes” that carry oxygen-rich blood

from the heart to the rest of the body…

are coated with a fatty substance,

that over time hardens and prevents the muscular tube

from squeezing properly, and doing its job,

so that the cells of your body

don’t get life-sustaining oxygen.

When your cells don’t get enough oxygen they die.

When too many of your cells die,

you die.

So, clearly, hardening of the arteries is bad for you.

What do you think

happens to someone whose heart hardens?

Is it possible

that their heart muscle can no longer

squeeze the blood

out of the heart

and push it to the rest of the cells

of the body?

It sounds bad, doesn’t it?

It sounds lethal, really,

doesn’t it?

It follows, then, doesn’t it, that if your heart is hardening, or has hardened, that you need to know it.

It is basically an emergency situation

that needs your immediate attention.

Even if you are really busy,

and you have a “to-do” list a mile long,

and lots of important appointments

with lots of important people,

if your heart is hardening

you need to know about it.

See, you need unconditional LOVE as much as you need oxygen.

You may not know it consciously,

but you crave unconditional LOVE.

More than sugar, or alcohol, or drugs,

or sex, or gambling, or shopping,

or internet surfing, or social media,

or any “thing.”

More than any of those things,

you need this no-thing…

Unconditional LOVE.

What is unconditional LOVE?

First, let’s clarify what is it not:

Unconditional LOVE is not Hallmark sentimentality.

Unconditional LOVE is not infatuation.

Unconditional LOVE is not codependent attachment.

All of that stuff has diluted the meaning of the word “love”

until we actually think love can make you weak.

We think maybe we need to protect ourselves from love.

We think love is the reason our hearts got broken in the first place.

We think maybe it is better not to love,

because you become so vulnerable to loss or pain

at the hands of another.

We think love is dangerous.

Some of us think we are better off without love.

But all of that

is a misperception.

Unconditional LOVE isn’t about that.

Unconditional LOVE isn’t about what other people

do to you, or give to you, or don’t give to you.

You don’t need other people to experience unconditional LOVE.

That’s the good news.

In fact, other people kind of get in the way.

You don’t need someone else to love you

to experience unconditional LOVE.

You have to allow yourself to experience it.

You have to say “Yes” to it.

You have to receive it.

You have to let it in.

No matter who you are

or where you are

or what you have done

or what you haven’t done.

Unconditional LOVE is available to you

just because you are here

on this planet

living your life.

Unconditional LOVE doesn’t judge you, or anyone.

That’s what the “unconditional” part means.

It means no matter what condition you are in

LOVE is there for you.

Right now.

It is available right now.

It is waiting for you to say “yes” and let yourself feel it.

But there’s no pressure.

You don’t have to let it in.

Actually, unconditional LOVE is actually already in you.

Did you know that?

Unconditional LOVE is beating your heart, and breathing your breath.

I know the scientists have this whole other story

about how your heart is beating

and how you are breathing without thinking about it.

And I’m not saying their story is wrong.

Scientists opened up the human body

and looked inside

and saw stuff.

They saw stuff,

and they gave all the parts names.

And they observed how the parts work

and what they do.

Scientists used their observations about what the parts do to make up a story about how your heart beats.

And they made up a story about how you breathe.

But if you keep asking them “Why?”

you know,

like a three-year-old does,

at some point,

and it might take awhile,

they will get to the truth,

which is “I don’t know.”

They know the “how,”

but they don’t know the “why.”

Underneath all their stories,

they don’t know why your heart is beating,

and they don’t know why your breath is breathing.

I’m here to share the story I made up about “why” with you.

My answer to the ultimate “Why?” question is Unconditional LOVE.

That’s why your heart is beating

and your breath is breathing.

Because unconditional LOVE says so.

The moment unconditional LOVE stops saying

“Beat” to your heart, you will stop being here.

Nothing the scientists can do will change that.

I saw that up close and personal

a little over a year ago.

My beloved had a heart attack in my living room.

He was there one minute.

A few minutes later,

before the paramedics could arrive,

he was gone.

That was it.

And I was sad.

So sad.

Heartbroken really.

But over time

I discovered something.

His body is gone, but the LOVE is still there.

I can feel it.

My heart is open, and soft, and vulnerable,

and I can feel the LOVE I had for him,

and I can feel the LOVE he had for me.

That LOVE is not gone.

It is right here

right now

where it always is.

Unconditional LOVE created the mountains, and the valleys, and the rivers, and the streams.

Unconditional LOVE created the world

and it sustains the world.

You NEED to be connected to it,

and you ARE connected to it

if you are reading this.

But if your heart is hardened

you may have lost touch with this vital truth.

I’m inviting you to WAKE UP

and listen to this message

like your life depends on it,

because maybe it does.

If you have intentionally or unintentionally hardened your heart, you need to make a new choice today.

If your life experiences have been painful…

If unjust things have happened to you…

If you have done unjust things…

and any of that has caused you to harden your heart,

don’t worry.

It is not too late.

It is NEVER too late.

Unconditional LOVE will HEAL your heart

if you let it in.

Unconditional LOVE is perfect LOVE.

It never fails.

Not ever.

That is what is perfect about it.

Fortunately, hearts are ALWAYS ready to open,

ALWAYS ready to receive unconditional LOVE.

Our bodies are smarter than our thinking minds.

Our thinking minds get really hung up

in our own stories about right and wrong,

fair and not fair, just and unjust.

We want to be RIGHT about our stories.

And there are some stories

that are so important to us,

and so meaningful to us,

that we are willing to DIE for them.

So we harden our hearts

and soldier on in life,

feeling cut off from unconditional LOVE.

But unconditional LOVE does NOT leave us just because we slam the door in its face.

Unconditional LOVE is right there,

breathing your breath,

and beating your heart

even though you shut the door.

And unconditional LOVE is not pushy

or demanding.

It has no rules

or regulations.

It won’t force you to acknowledge its presence.

It just goes on faithfully beating your heart

and breathing your breath,

waiting patiently for you to notice,

and open to receive it.

Why not say “yes” to love?

It’s free!

No opt in required.

It comes with an eternal guarantee too.

If you don’t like it, you can shut it out again in the next moment.

It will still beat your heart

and breathe your breath for you anyway.

And when that day comes for you,

as it will for me,

and each of us,

where our hearts do stop beating

and we breathe our last breath,

unconditional LOVE will be there too.

And it will softly whisper,

“Welcome home.”

So you can’t lose. Unconditional LOVE is a win/win game.

The only question is

how much LOVE you will let yourself experience.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

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