Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Wire Yourself For Success

Optimism is an entrepreneur’s best friend.

The belief in oneself as an entrepreneur,

belief in one’s product or service,

and the belief that you are adding value to the lives of your customers

are all crucial to your success.

Temper your optimism

with a realistic assessment of the business environment

you are working in

to achieve a fruitful balance between optimism and realism.

Conquer fear.

Entrepreneurial fear is often expressed as procrastination and/or doubt.

Both are real handicaps to actualizing your full potential,

as well as the potential of your business.

Fail fast.

Procrastination delays failure, and that is a bad thing.

It is much better to fail fast and learn something

than delay and learn nothing.

Doubt can be tricky.

Dealing effectively with doubt means learning to discern

the heart’s wisdom

in the face of resistance from your current identity.

Look for the fear of moving into some unknown territory

which requires you to shed the “you” of today

and embrace the “you” new choices will create tomorrow.

“Amplifying what is great within you will accelerate your life faster than fixing what you think ‘limits’ you.” Brendon Burchard

It is certain that your identity will have to change as you move into uncharted territory.

But sometimes, the territory has hazards that you need to be aware of.

That is when doubt can be your friend.

So gather a reasonable amount of information

then make a decision.

Either your decision will move your forward,

or if it doesn’t, be sure to learn something.

Use that knowledge to make a new choice.

Stay connected to your passion.

Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their businesses.

Passion is the rocket fuel that motivates you to keep moving ahead.

You have been blessed with gifts and talents that are there

to allow you to make a big contribution to life.

Know your “WHY.”

The most successful entrepreneurs are working toward a vision

that is bigger than their own personal goals.

Your “why” should have a magnetic energy that pulls

people and resources to it.

This makes the work easier.

“Courage is the ability to have faith, persistence, and strength in the face of fear, pain, and stress. Have faith today. Keep persisting toward your dreams because we need you. The world needs more people with a courageous heart.” Brendon Burchard

Identify new opportunities.

Be sure to schedule time to make yourself

available to new possibilities.

This is a hallmark of an entrepreneur.

Seeing what is missing in the marketplace,

and finding a profitable way to offer that.

Cherish your customers and look for ways to serve them

that are above and beyond. Always over-deliver.

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives a good starting place

for being intentional about creating the set of beliefs and practices

that will allow you to succeed in business.

Master your thoughts.

Master your world.

Think only LOVE.

Let your life become the miracle it was always intended to be.

One way to fully engage with this notion of activating the miraculous

is to set an Impossible Goal.

I have some thoughts about how to do that

I want to share with you

as my gift to you. Absolutely free.

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