How to Find the Reasons You Are Busy But Not Productive

Harness Your Creative Energy to Surrender to Your True Potential

It is a common problem for successful people to reach a plateau in their businesses which is characterized as overwhelming.

They often have long lists of things to do,

and feel like they are spending all their time

putting out fires.

They have a lot of busy work,

labor in their businesses for long hours,

but lack fulfillment,

and a feeling that nothing substantial is being accomplished.

Entrepreneurs are creative people

who need the stimulation of expressing their uniqueness

in a way that adds value to the lives of other people.

It is true self-expression which feels fulfilling and provides the longed-for sense of productivity.

The cure for this sense of overwhelm

is to focus on what you want.

It is human nature to focus on

what is unwanted.

This is what produces endless “to-do” lists

in a fruitless attempt to prevent unwanted experiences

from occuring.

When you notice this is happening, STOP.

Take time to shift your focus

toward your breath.

Focus on the simplicity of the inhale,

followed by the exhale.

Use this breathwork

to lead you into a sense of connection

with your heart.

Feel your heart beating.

And then allow this awareness of the heart

to expand.

Open into this deep sense of connectedness

with all that is through your own heartbeat.

Notice how easy it is to relax

from this centered place.

Allow the tension and contraction

present in the body

to release.

Open into more and more relaxation

and from there,

pose the question to yourself,

“What do I want?”

Allow the answers to present themselves

to your conscious mind.

If there are several answers,

engage the question more specifically:

“What do I want in my business right now?”

Stay with this question until you are very clear

about what you want to have happen.

You will find that from this clarity next steps will emerge.

You also find that the motivation to take effective action

will also emerge.

You can’t wait to move ahead.

The feeling of overwhelm is gone.

The certainty of the next right action is present.

This process works extremely well

when pared with my Impossible Goal Adventure.

This kind of radical self-empowerment will lead

you to unprecedented levels of success.

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