How To Use DIRT To Live a Cleaner Life

“God doesn’t send depression or adversity, but He uses it.”

— Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church

Are you ever disappointed?

Do you feel anxious or worried about the future?

Have you ever felt the pain of being rejected by someone special?

If so, this article may have some insight that would be valuable for you.

This article is inspired by a great sermon I heard this morning

By Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church.

There is a serious misconception about life that plagues many people

and keeps them living with a sense of futility and frustration.

This misconception is that if you have DIRT in your life

then something is wrong.

Let me define DIRT so that we are on the same page:

D= Disappointment

I= Insecurity

R= Rejection

T= Trouble

In my opinion, the presence of DIRT in your life is just a sign that you are human.

Sure, we can do our best to take charge of the way we are perceiving life

So that we can minimize the negative impact of DIRT on our mindset

And sense of wellbeing.

But one of the best ways to do that

Is to decide that DIRT is part of the experience of life,

And embrace it.

Embracing the DIRT transforms it.

Take disappointment, for example.

I thought I had an agreement with a friend

But my expectations were not met,

And I was disappointed.

I spent a little time blaming my friend,

And silently ranting to myself about my frustration.

But soon I realized that my friend perceived the agreement

Differently than I did.

I could see that the agreement which I thought was so clear

Was not clear to this person.

It was a great opportunity to up my communication game.

I came away from that interaction feeling empowered.

But that only occurred because rather than hanging out in disappointment

I chose to care more about the relationship with my friend

Than being right about the agreement.

Being a writer,

And publishing my work in the public eye

Gives me a lot of opportunities to profit from feelings of insecurity.

Not everyone loves my work,

And as much as I think I would like everyone to love my work, this isn’t realistic.

The more I allow myself to value my own work,

The less I need that approval from other people.

Taking this stand for my own work

Gives me strength and the courage to speak authentically.

Rejection is more of a challenge for me,

As I think it is for most people.

Rejection isn’t so bad when it comes from a stranger

Or a person who I don’t highly value.

But it is hard to take from someone I care about.

There is huge benefit from being willing to feel the pain of rejection.

When I am willing to be with myself,

To feel the pain and bear it.

I can remind myself that I am loved and lovable,

Even though not by the person who has rejected me.

I again find myself gathering power and strength within.

Trouble and problems are universal human experiences.

Often, though, trouble comes bearing a secret gift.

The question is, can you find the gift inside the trouble?

Mostly I find it is a question of perception.

I liken this to a sporting event.

Let’s take a football game as an example.

American football, or soccer, either will do.

The athletes on the field are experiencing a lot of trouble,

A lot of problems.

They are experiencing direct opposition.

Often, they are experiencing physical pain and injury.

They are deep inside the action,

Very close to the ball

And to the other players.

They are perceiving the game from a very personal perspective.

The head coaches are on the sidelines.

They are still very close to the game,

But they aren’t playing.

They have a little objectivity.

They have a wider perspective.

They can see both sides better than the players.

Their perspective, once shared with the players,

Help the players play better.

The fans are farther removed.

They sit in the stands and they have

An even wider perspective.

They can see the game from above,

And though usually still very engaged

With the game,

The outcome probably has less effect on them

Than on the players and coaches.

Then there are the coaches up in the sky boxes.

Their perspective is much wider.

They may be noticing what is happening on the sidelines

Of the other team,

As well as watching the game from above.

Then there are the guys in the blimp

Who are filming the game from high above the stadium.

When we are allowed to see the game from the blimp perspective the details down below are not so clear. But the context of the game is available.

So when you experience trouble, or problems

See if you can look at the situation

From all these different perspectives.

Instead of reacting in a knee jerk fashion,

Take the time to shift your perspective

Farther and farther up.

See if you can shift all the way up into the blimp.

See the problem in the wider context of your life. How can you benefit from this situation?

How can you become wiser?


More powerful?

How can you use these circumstances to grow,

And to evolve into a new version of yourself?

Used this way, DIRT becomes a trigger for helping you to achieve your dreams and actualize your goals.

Rather than using DIRT as a reason to feel

Not good enough

Or to reinforce a limiting belief that

Something is wrong with you,

DIRT can become a source of empowerment

And freedom.

Embrace the DIRT and teach yourself to become unstoppable.

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