Seeing New Opportunities: An Entrepreneurial Mindset Hack

Cultivate the ability to see opportunity and accelerate your success exponentially

Life in constantly generating new possibilities and opportunities

in every moment.

If you don’t know this,

you are definitely sleeping through your life.

If you are an entrepreneur

who wants to succeed at something,

build a successful business,

you must train yourself to be alive

to the synchronicities arising

through your life experience.

Fear and doubt are the two biggest factors responsible for entrepreneurs missing the opportunities that life is trying to hand them.

It is such a Catch-22 situation.

You may be confronting a problem

or a challenge

or an obstacle.

You may be feeling frustrated

or angry.

But underneath those feelings

fear and doubt are typically

the real reason you are stuck.

Fear and doubt focus your attention on what you don’t want.

Unfortunately, what you give attention to

expands in your awareness.

So at the very time when you are needing

new opportunities

and new possibilities to arise,

you are blinded by an increasing stream

of dead ends and obstacles

and limitations

and barriers.

Can you see how for an entrepreneur mindset is everything?

Mindset is a simple term

for something going on in you

that is rather complex.

The brain is an amazing thing.

But few people take the time

to understand how it works.

(Not that anyone understands completely

how the brain works…but we do know some stuff)

There is a part of the brain

called the reticular activating system. (RAS)

Its job is to filter through the billions

of particles of information

flowing by you in every nanosecond,

pick out what is important for you to know,

and bring it to your attention.

The default programming for the RAS is to flag stuff that threatens your survival.

For this reason, if you don’t program your RAS

it will keep you focused on scary stuff

that you don’t want.

And for sure, if your RAS is busy looking for threats

it will completely ignore opportunities.

Do you see where I am going with this?

If you are an entrepreneur,

and you want to succeed,

and success depends on noticing opportunities,

you will only notice opportunities

if you program your RAS to look for them.

How do you override the default programming of the RAS and teach it to show you opportunities?

You have to get conscious about intentionally focusing

your awareness on what you want,

instead of what you don’t want.

Suppose you are eating dinner at a friend’s house

and the friend asks you, “What do you want for dinner?”

You are likely to start by telling them what you don’t want.

“I don’t want Italian food. I had that for lunch.”

“Not chicken, I’m sick of chicken.”

“How about Chinese food?”

“No, I had that yesterday.”

See what I mean?

We tend to focus on what we don’t want.

Then we are surprised when we get more of that.

Once you learn to focus your awareness

(and through awareness, your RAS)

on what you want,

more of that shows up.

Use your conscious intention to give your RAS a new assignment.

“Look for what I want.”

“Look for possibilities.”

“Look for opportunities.”

And opportunity itself is changing.

“It’s important to change our ideas of what it looks like and where it is. Once we have that update, opportunity pops into view. It becomes abundant. You start to see it everywhere.” — Eben Pagan

Once you have that system working,

lot of opportunities will show up.

Then you need to have the discernment

to figure out which ones to act upon.

Opportunities are the seeds of longterm success.

But not all opportunities are worth pursuing.

And sometimes, something that seemed like a good opportunity

reaches a point of diminishing returns.

So successful entrepreneurs are flexible.

Flexible enough to try something new,

explore new possibilities,

explore new perspectives,

even explore new relationships.

But also flexible enough to notice

when something isn’t working out.

The dynamics of our world have created fertile soil for opportunity.

Technology makes it much easier

to take what you imagine

and bring it into the world of form.

That is good news for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs tend to be highly creative people.

Opportunity is like candy to successful entrepreneurs.

There are more sources of funding to capitalize opportunities than ever before.

The most important place for entrepreneurs to seek out opportunities is within the very setbacks and obstacles that are keeping them stuck.

This is the ultimate success key.

Instead of allowing barriers and obstacles to destroy your success, use them to fuel your success.

By allowing yourself to redefine obstacles as opportunities you tell your RAS to search within the problem itself to find the solution.

This is the key to becoming unstoppable.

If what appears to be stopping you always provides the means to point you in the direction of greater success nothing can stand in your way for long.

I do this by setting impossible goals.

Achieving impossible goals has become the key to my success.

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