What You Absolutely Need to Know About Being Rejected

Rejection can be a weapon of mass destruction to your business. Photo by Micah Williams on Unsplash

Fear of Rejection Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Do you struggle with fear of rejection?

Do you spend time and energy

trying to please people, or gain approval?

Is it difficult to market your service or product

due to doubt or confusion

about how to move forward?

This kind of procrastination is often fear of rejection

masquerading as doubt or confusion.

These are entrepreneurial mindset issues.

They must be consciously addressed

by any entrepreneur who is struggling,

or any successful entrepreneur

who is looking to take their business to the next level.

And it is more than that.

The experience of rejection impacts all humans at one time or another in the course of living life.

How you deal with rejection is a critical factor in whether or not you are able to enjoy your life and experience it as a satisfying adventure,

or struggle with negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

“Lots of times, our main problem isn’t our problem. Our biggest problem is our perspective on our problem.” — Steven Furtick

What does it take to deal effectively with fear of rejection?

The key insight that will set you free

is that your experience of rejection

ALWAYS comes from within.

I know that is not easy to accept.

People treat us all kinds of ways.

Some people really like you.

Other people can’t stand you.

This is a fact.

But your experience of rejection ALWAYS and ONLY comes from your own thoughts.

So let’s be clear.

If you are a comedian

standing on a stage

telling jokes

and someone in the crowd

throws a rotten tomato at you,

you will only feel rejected

if you make the tomato’s impact on you mean,

“The tomato thrower must not like me,”


“The tomato thrower hates my jokes,”

or some similar thought.

If you choose to think,

“Wow, the tomato thrower is really listening to me!”


“The tomato thrower is kind enough to give me some tough love

about my material. I appreciate that so much!”

then you won’t feel rejection.

You will feel appreciation.

See what I mean?

You can choose to make empowered meaning out of every single one of your experiences.

So even if someone throws a rotten tomato at you,

you do not have to feel rejected.

Does it make sense now,

with this insight,

that you never have to experience rejection again?

And if you do experience it,

can you see how you can change your mind immediately,

and see the situation from a different perspective?

Can you see that when you own this power, fear of rejection will disappear from your experience sooner or later?

It will.

You can work on it by setting an intention

to notice when you are feeling rejected,

or lonely,

or rebuffed,

or inadequate.

These feelings are a clue that you are thinking something that is disempowering you.

Once you make this connection between your unwanted feelings

and your thoughts, you can make a new choice!


if you are going to let your thoughts run wild

and send you into negative feelings

without any consequences

Your own thoughts become

weapons of mass destruction in your life.

As you accumulate life experiences

and/or business experiences,

if you don’t know how to make empowered meaning out of






then your chances of success dwindle

as more and more disempowerment shows up.

Plus, most of us soak up a lot of disempowered meaning

as young children

watching disempowered parents navigating the world.

This is why you need to use your feelings

to point you into the areas where you need to do the work.

One other very important point is that

what you focus on expands.

So if you are consciously or unconsciously

trying to avoid rejection,

you are telling your brain to look for it,

so you are finding more of it, not less.

When you use feelings of rejection

to change your mind

you automatically give your brain

new instructions.

“Brain: look for inclusion,

look for acceptance,

look for opportunities to collaborate.”

Then more of those experiences

filter into your awareness.

As I like to say:

Master your thoughts. Master your world. Think only LOVE.

And while you are at it,

set an impossible goal.

Working toward an impossible goal

highlights the barriers in your way

so that you can change your thoughts about them.

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