How to Find the Reasons You Are Busy But Not Productive

Harness Your Creative Energy to Surrender to Your True Potential

It is a common problem for successful people to reach a plateau in their businesses which is characterized as overwhelming.

They often have long lists of things to do,

and feel like they are spending all their time

putting out fires.

They have a lot of busy work,

labor in their businesses for long hours,

but lack fulfillment,

and a feeling that nothing substantial is being accomplished.

Entrepreneurs are creative people

who need the stimulation of expressing their uniqueness

in a way that adds value to the lives of other people.

It is true self-expression which feels fulfilling and provides the longed-for sense of productivity.

The cure for this sense of overwhelm

is to focus on what you want.

It is human nature to focus on

what is unwanted.

This is what produces endless “to-do” lists

in a fruitless attempt to prevent unwanted experiences

from occuring.

When you notice this is happening, STOP.

Take time to shift your focus

toward your breath.

Focus on the simplicity of the inhale,

followed by the exhale.

Use this breathwork

to lead you into a sense of connection

with your heart.

Feel your heart beating.

And then allow this awareness of the heart

to expand.

Open into this deep sense of connectedness

with all that is through your own heartbeat.

Notice how easy it is to relax

from this centered place.

Allow the tension and contraction

present in the body

to release.

Open into more and more relaxation

and from there,

pose the question to yourself,

“What do I want?”

Allow the answers to present themselves

to your conscious mind.

If there are several answers,

engage the question more specifically:

“What do I want in my business right now?”

Stay with this question until you are very clear

about what you want to have happen.

You will find that from this clarity next steps will emerge.

You also find that the motivation to take effective action

will also emerge.

You can’t wait to move ahead.

The feeling of overwhelm is gone.

The certainty of the next right action is present.

This process works extremely well

when pared with my Impossible Goal Adventure.

This kind of radical self-empowerment will lead

you to unprecedented levels of success.

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How Did This Man’s New Obsession Really Get Him Off Death Row?

Anthony Graves demonstrates the value of setting an impossible goal

“I realized that I had to create a thick skin because the whole world has convicted me, sentenced me to death, and called me a murderer, for something that I never even would have dreamed of [doing]. I can’t even begin to explain to you how it lit a fire in me to make me want to prove that you got it wrong about me. I’m going to take all the negative and use it as fuel to prove you wrong because I’m innocent.” — Anthony Graves

We like to think we have some control over our lives.

Life has a way of showing us that we don’t.

It is true, however, that we have always have choices.

But we don’t control life. This became apparent to Anthony Graves when he was arrested on August 22, 1992 for the murder of 45-year-old Bobbie Davis, her 16-year-old daughter, and her 4 grandchildren, ages 4–9.

An innocent man,

with friends who could provide an alibi for his location during the time the murder was committed,

Graves was sure this misunderstanding would be cleared up

and soon he would be released.

Instead, he spent 18 years imprisoned on death row,

and was informed twice that his execution date

had been set by the State of Texas.

After he achieved his impossible goal of total exoneration,

Mr. Graves received $1,457,000 from the State of Texas

as compensation for spending 18 years in prison

for a crime he had nothing to do with.

He used this money to set up the Anthony Graves Foundation to support the Humane Investigation Project (HIP).

HIP investigates inmate claims of innocence.

He uses his resources to make impossible goals happen for other innocent people.

What an inspiration!

When these claims can be substantiated, HIP connects inmates with attorneys who are willing to work for them to obtain justice.

Anthony Graves was committed to obtaining justice for himself, but when he was sentenced to death row his freedom seemed to be an impossible goal.

He was falsely accused.

His alibi was wrongfully suppressed.

Witnesses on his behalf were either ignored or discredited.

His most crucial alibi witness was threatened by prosecutors that if she testified on his behalf she would be indicted on murder charges as well.

There was no money to mount his own investigation.

Where did this man find the strength and the courage to set this impossible goal?

Instead of allowing these horrendous and unthinkable circumstances to weaken him,

he used them to “light a fire” inside himself to prove his innocence.

The willingness to choose an impossible goal comes from the passions that burn deeply within.

It is this passion which allows you

to access the motivation to break through barriers

which arise as you pursue your impossible goal.

Challenges and obstacles, while perhaps temporarily daunting,

are used as gateways into new opportunities for growth.

“By going inside myself, I escaped the smell, the awful toneless grays encircling me, the chill of the steel, the lack of humanity. I learned to be a community of one.” — Anthony Graves

This learning to be a “community of one”

may have saved Mr. Graves’ life

on a level beyond all the efforts that took place

in the external world

which eventually led to his exoneration.

He began writing letters as a way of communicating with the world.

And he chose to read.

At the end of his book Infinite Hope, Mr. Graves provides a list of books which inspired him during his ordeal.

He allowed his thoughts about himself,


and other people

to be transformed through books by Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, all the books of Paulo Coelho, Malcolm X, Harriet Jacobs, Carter G. Woodson, Sidney Poitier, Eldridge Cleaver, Barrack Obama, Richard Wright, and many more.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for any death row inmate

is the isolation of living in solitary confinement.

There is little more confronting

than being forced to attend to one’s own thoughts.

To understand our power to choose our thoughts is perhaps the greatest empowerment available to a human being.

Conversely, there is nothing more disempowering

than to be subject to the awareness of one’s own thoughts

without the awareness

that we can choose

what meaning to make about our circumstances.

“I needed help and to feel the power of being connected to something larger than myself. That was the danger I had sensed from the beginning. Not the physical kind; this was mental. I was balanced on the razor’s edge and it would not take much to push me into not caring about myself anymore. I knew that if that happened I would simply be killed by the state, my life eliminated before I had the chance to grow into a person with something to contribute to the world. I hadn’t had the chance to discover that self yet. I didn’t want to die before I had that chance.” — Anthony Graves

As you embark on the courageous journey toward your impossible goal you too will encounter obstacles.

Are you up for an adventure?

Few of us are forced to take on the kind of obstacles an innocent death row inmate faces . . .

but if you embark on an impossible goal,

at times YOU may feel YOUR obstacles are just insurmountable.

The question is will you commit to finding your way over, around, under or through these barriers?

Or will you let the external world tell you who you are,

and what you can accomplish with your life?

Are you willing to become unstoppable?

Those who accomplish their impossible goal know for sure

that they have become unstoppable because no matter what happens





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Honoring Our Mother, The Earth, On Mother’s Day

Don’t forget which side your bread is buttered on…

Yesterday was my mother’s 96th birthday,

and I had the honor of celebrating with her.

And I will be with her on Mother’s Day, too.

She has been a true companion

as I have traveled the highs and lows

of my life.

I am so grateful

to have had her beside me.

But there is another mother

on my mind and in my heart right now.

She is the mother of us all: Earth.

Everything we have comes from her…

Many of us are hopelessly in LOVE with planet Earth.

The beauty available to me as I gaze out my window

is overwhelming at times.

I am privileged to look out over an expansive field

which today is populated with wildflowers.

Their exotic scents are an astonishing blend

of the scents of the wild,

the scents of freedom,

the scents of the our mother, the Earth.

The creative expression of our Mother, the Earth, is unsurpassed.

Such variety!

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Such imagination!

Photo by Stephen Pederse on Unsplash

Just when you think you have seen it all, you see something new.

Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

Majestic mountains…

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

Rushing rivers…

                                                     Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Such artistry…

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Words fail…

Honor your mother today, but include, even if only silently, some gratitude and appreciation for the mother of us all, Beloved Earth.

Do You Have the Courage to Set Yourself Free?

How a Woman Wrongfully Convicted of Murder Can Teach You Something About Freedom

Just how free are you?

We live in a country which grants us life, liberty

and the pursuit of freedom in our charter.

Compared to people who live in countries that do not grant their citizens freedom we are all gloriously free.

Perhaps it is a matter of comparison then.

How free am I compared to “ — — — ?”

I stumbled across a youtube video of a woman named Sunny Jacobs

who was wrongfully convicted of murder

and lived for many years on death row.

Click here for a 5 minute video of Sunny talking about

how she cultivated freedom in her prison cell.

In the video Sunny Jacobs says, “ I might not be in charge of my circumstances, but my life still belonged to me.”

This is such a brilliant reminder of how it is our own thoughts

about ourselves,

our lives,

and the other people in our lives,

that really determines the quality of our life experience.

Often, the identities we organize our lives around

are determined by events that we may have had

little or no control over.

In that way we are imprisoned by the past.

The sense of who we are is limited by something

that happened long ago.

An event or circumstance colored the sense of who we are.

Perhaps an opportunity comes our way

to do something we have never done.

We think to ourselves, “No way, that’s not me.”

But in response to the invitation

we hear ourselves saying,

“I can’t do that. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

And in that moment

our lives get smaller,

and more limited,

and our inner light

dims a bit once again.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, or, like Sunny Jacobs, a cannon ball.

Something unexpected,

out of left field,

something we are unprepared for.

Typically, we feel victimized by life

in these moments.

We think thoughts like:

“Why do these things always happen to me?”

“What did I do to deserve this?”

We blame life.

“Life is against me.”

“Nobody cares about me.”

“I never get any breaks.”

It is so common for us to give our power away to other people, without even noticing we have done so.

You might think to yourself,

“She made me so mad. She had no right to do that.”

And of course, there is a story, a set of circumstances,

that you didn’t want to happen.

Somebody did something.

The way you tell yourself the story,

you are the victim of that person’s actions.

You are helpless, and do nothing

but feel sorry for yourself.

Or you are enraged and lash out.

Either way, the circumstances do not improve,

and may get even worse.

Notice how your own thoughts are always in between the circumstances and your reaction.

Someone does something,

but until you know about what they did,

and think about what they did,

you aren’t reacting.

Your reaction comes from your thoughts.

You may have no control over the circumstances,

But you can choose what you think about the circumstances.

Think only LOVE. Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I recommend you think only LOVE.

By LOVE, I mean unconditional LOVE.

LOVE that accepts.

LOVE that says “yes.”

LOVE that surrenders to the way things are.

LOVing thoughts put some space

between you and the circumstances.

And in that loving mindset you are free to choose what to fill the space with.

When you choose to fill the space with LOVing thoughts

then you create a LOVE-filled life.

That’s what Sunny Jacobs did.

She choose to forgive the people

who wrongfully convicted her.

By doing that, she found freedom inside her prison cell.

What about you?

Do you have the courage to see the thoughts that are imprisoning you?

Keeping you small.

Preventing you from trying new things,

Saying “yes” to opportunities.

Having faith that life is always

on your side.

Life is always bringing you new possibilities.

Even if you are living your life inside

of a federal prison cell.

Would you be willing to set yourself free?

Would you be able to find the courage to begin to notice

the thoughts that you are thinking

that are robbing you of the freedom to choose LOVE?

To experience a loving life?

A life, that while not free of obstacles or challenges,

is free from the prison of past events, and habitual ways

of telling yourself dramatic stories of how victimized you are

by the beliefs you have about yourself, life and other people?

Sometimes I speculate about what Nelson Mandela thought during those 27 years of torture and imprisonment that he endured.

What was he thinking that allowed him to eventually

be released from prison,

and go on to lead his people to end apartheid?

I don’t know what his thoughts were,

but he did what he could to prepare himself

to take effective action toward the creation

of a new way of relating between races should he be released.

He went on to become an effective leader,

and win the Noble Peace Prize.

Oh, and about Sunny Jacobs…eventually she was released from prison too.

After many years of incarceration, she had nothing on which

to build a new life in terms of external circumstances.

But release from prison didn’t free her in quite the way she expected.

After some time passed, she realized she had to apply

the same thoughts of freedom from these new circumstances

as she did while imprisoned.

Funny, in a way, isn’t it?

We have the power to create with our thoughts.

We can’t control life,

but we can choose what we think

about what happens to us.

Can you find the courage

to think thoughts of LOVE

no matter your circumstances?

Master your thoughts.

Master your world.

Think only LOVE.

Let your life become the miracle it was always intended to be.

One way to fully engage with notion

is to set an Impossible Goal.

I have some thoughts about how to do that

I want to share with you

as my gift to you. Absolutely free.

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Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Wire Yourself For Success

Optimism is an entrepreneur’s best friend.

The belief in oneself as an entrepreneur,

belief in one’s product or service,

and the belief that you are adding value to the lives of your customers

are all crucial to your success.

Temper your optimism

with a realistic assessment of the business environment

you are working in

to achieve a fruitful balance between optimism and realism.

Conquer fear.

Entrepreneurial fear is often expressed as procrastination and/or doubt.

Both are real handicaps to actualizing your full potential,

as well as the potential of your business.

Fail fast.

Procrastination delays failure, and that is a bad thing.

It is much better to fail fast and learn something

than delay and learn nothing.

Doubt can be tricky.

Dealing effectively with doubt means learning to discern

the heart’s wisdom

in the face of resistance from your current identity.

Look for the fear of moving into some unknown territory

which requires you to shed the “you” of today

and embrace the “you” new choices will create tomorrow.

“Amplifying what is great within you will accelerate your life faster than fixing what you think ‘limits’ you.” Brendon Burchard

It is certain that your identity will have to change as you move into uncharted territory.

But sometimes, the territory has hazards that you need to be aware of.

That is when doubt can be your friend.

So gather a reasonable amount of information

then make a decision.

Either your decision will move your forward,

or if it doesn’t, be sure to learn something.

Use that knowledge to make a new choice.

Stay connected to your passion.

Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their businesses.

Passion is the rocket fuel that motivates you to keep moving ahead.

You have been blessed with gifts and talents that are there

to allow you to make a big contribution to life.

Know your “WHY.”

The most successful entrepreneurs are working toward a vision

that is bigger than their own personal goals.

Your “why” should have a magnetic energy that pulls

people and resources to it.

This makes the work easier.

“Courage is the ability to have faith, persistence, and strength in the face of fear, pain, and stress. Have faith today. Keep persisting toward your dreams because we need you. The world needs more people with a courageous heart.” Brendon Burchard

Identify new opportunities.

Be sure to schedule time to make yourself

available to new possibilities.

This is a hallmark of an entrepreneur.

Seeing what is missing in the marketplace,

and finding a profitable way to offer that.

Cherish your customers and look for ways to serve them

that are above and beyond. Always over-deliver.

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives a good starting place

for being intentional about creating the set of beliefs and practices

that will allow you to succeed in business.

Master your thoughts.

Master your world.

Think only LOVE.

Let your life become the miracle it was always intended to be.

One way to fully engage with this notion of activating the miraculous

is to set an Impossible Goal.

I have some thoughts about how to do that

I want to share with you

as my gift to you. Absolutely free.

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Can You Feel Unconditional LOVE or Is Your Heart Too Hard?

You Need Unconditional LOVE As Much As You Need Oxygen

Do you know what unconditional LOVE feels like?

Have you felt it lately?

If not, why not?

I thought everyone could feel unconditional LOVE.

But it occurred to me today that maybe I’m wrong about that.

Maybe some people really can’t feel it.

It is a scary thought.

Can you feel it?

If not, is it because your heart is hardened?


That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?

We all know hardening of the arteries is bad.

That’s when your arteries…

you know, the “muscular tubes” that carry oxygen-rich blood

from the heart to the rest of the body…

are coated with a fatty substance,

that over time hardens and prevents the muscular tube

from squeezing properly, and doing its job,

so that the cells of your body

don’t get life-sustaining oxygen.

When your cells don’t get enough oxygen they die.

When too many of your cells die,

you die.

So, clearly, hardening of the arteries is bad for you.

What do you think

happens to someone whose heart hardens?

Is it possible

that their heart muscle can no longer

squeeze the blood

out of the heart

and push it to the rest of the cells

of the body?

It sounds bad, doesn’t it?

It sounds lethal, really,

doesn’t it?

It follows, then, doesn’t it, that if your heart is hardening, or has hardened, that you need to know it.

It is basically an emergency situation

that needs your immediate attention.

Even if you are really busy,

and you have a “to-do” list a mile long,

and lots of important appointments

with lots of important people,

if your heart is hardening

you need to know about it.

See, you need unconditional LOVE as much as you need oxygen.

You may not know it consciously,

but you crave unconditional LOVE.

More than sugar, or alcohol, or drugs,

or sex, or gambling, or shopping,

or internet surfing, or social media,

or any “thing.”

More than any of those things,

you need this no-thing…

Unconditional LOVE.

What is unconditional LOVE?

First, let’s clarify what is it not:

Unconditional LOVE is not Hallmark sentimentality.

Unconditional LOVE is not infatuation.

Unconditional LOVE is not codependent attachment.

All of that stuff has diluted the meaning of the word “love”

until we actually think love can make you weak.

We think maybe we need to protect ourselves from love.

We think love is the reason our hearts got broken in the first place.

We think maybe it is better not to love,

because you become so vulnerable to loss or pain

at the hands of another.

We think love is dangerous.

Some of us think we are better off without love.

But all of that

is a misperception.

Unconditional LOVE isn’t about that.

Unconditional LOVE isn’t about what other people

do to you, or give to you, or don’t give to you.

You don’t need other people to experience unconditional LOVE.

That’s the good news.

In fact, other people kind of get in the way.

You don’t need someone else to love you

to experience unconditional LOVE.

You have to allow yourself to experience it.

You have to say “Yes” to it.

You have to receive it.

You have to let it in.

No matter who you are

or where you are

or what you have done

or what you haven’t done.

Unconditional LOVE is available to you

just because you are here

on this planet

living your life.

Unconditional LOVE doesn’t judge you, or anyone.

That’s what the “unconditional” part means.

It means no matter what condition you are in

LOVE is there for you.

Right now.

It is available right now.

It is waiting for you to say “yes” and let yourself feel it.

But there’s no pressure.

You don’t have to let it in.

Actually, unconditional LOVE is actually already in you.

Did you know that?

Unconditional LOVE is beating your heart, and breathing your breath.

I know the scientists have this whole other story

about how your heart is beating

and how you are breathing without thinking about it.

And I’m not saying their story is wrong.

Scientists opened up the human body

and looked inside

and saw stuff.

They saw stuff,

and they gave all the parts names.

And they observed how the parts work

and what they do.

Scientists used their observations about what the parts do to make up a story about how your heart beats.

And they made up a story about how you breathe.

But if you keep asking them “Why?”

you know,

like a three-year-old does,

at some point,

and it might take awhile,

they will get to the truth,

which is “I don’t know.”

They know the “how,”

but they don’t know the “why.”

Underneath all their stories,

they don’t know why your heart is beating,

and they don’t know why your breath is breathing.

I’m here to share the story I made up about “why” with you.

My answer to the ultimate “Why?” question is Unconditional LOVE.

That’s why your heart is beating

and your breath is breathing.

Because unconditional LOVE says so.

The moment unconditional LOVE stops saying

“Beat” to your heart, you will stop being here.

Nothing the scientists can do will change that.

I saw that up close and personal

a little over a year ago.

My beloved had a heart attack in my living room.

He was there one minute.

A few minutes later,

before the paramedics could arrive,

he was gone.

That was it.

And I was sad.

So sad.

Heartbroken really.

But over time

I discovered something.

His body is gone, but the LOVE is still there.

I can feel it.

My heart is open, and soft, and vulnerable,

and I can feel the LOVE I had for him,

and I can feel the LOVE he had for me.

That LOVE is not gone.

It is right here

right now

where it always is.

Unconditional LOVE created the mountains, and the valleys, and the rivers, and the streams.

Unconditional LOVE created the world

and it sustains the world.

You NEED to be connected to it,

and you ARE connected to it

if you are reading this.

But if your heart is hardened

you may have lost touch with this vital truth.

I’m inviting you to WAKE UP

and listen to this message

like your life depends on it,

because maybe it does.

If you have intentionally or unintentionally hardened your heart, you need to make a new choice today.

If your life experiences have been painful…

If unjust things have happened to you…

If you have done unjust things…

and any of that has caused you to harden your heart,

don’t worry.

It is not too late.

It is NEVER too late.

Unconditional LOVE will HEAL your heart

if you let it in.

Unconditional LOVE is perfect LOVE.

It never fails.

Not ever.

That is what is perfect about it.

Fortunately, hearts are ALWAYS ready to open,

ALWAYS ready to receive unconditional LOVE.

Our bodies are smarter than our thinking minds.

Our thinking minds get really hung up

in our own stories about right and wrong,

fair and not fair, just and unjust.

We want to be RIGHT about our stories.

And there are some stories

that are so important to us,

and so meaningful to us,

that we are willing to DIE for them.

So we harden our hearts

and soldier on in life,

feeling cut off from unconditional LOVE.

But unconditional LOVE does NOT leave us just because we slam the door in its face.

Unconditional LOVE is right there,

breathing your breath,

and beating your heart

even though you shut the door.

And unconditional LOVE is not pushy

or demanding.

It has no rules

or regulations.

It won’t force you to acknowledge its presence.

It just goes on faithfully beating your heart

and breathing your breath,

waiting patiently for you to notice,

and open to receive it.

Why not say “yes” to love?

It’s free!

No opt in required.

It comes with an eternal guarantee too.

If you don’t like it, you can shut it out again in the next moment.

It will still beat your heart

and breathe your breath for you anyway.

And when that day comes for you,

as it will for me,

and each of us,

where our hearts do stop beating

and we breathe our last breath,

unconditional LOVE will be there too.

And it will softly whisper,

“Welcome home.”

So you can’t lose. Unconditional LOVE is a win/win game.

The only question is

how much LOVE you will let yourself experience.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

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A Doom and Gloom and Drama Kind of Life

Is Your Life A Lot Like A Reality TV Show?

Is there a lot of drama in your life?

Have you noticed there aren’t reality tv shows about happy, well-adjusted people who get along with each other very well?

Why not?

Mostly it would seem boring wouldn’t it?

Sure, these folks would have their share of challenges and trouble,

but if they just calmly handled things

and worked together to resolve issues

and listened, really listened, to each other,

who would want to watch that?

We have to admit it. We love the drama.

Even the tv shows that are scripted,

not reality shows,

what are they mostly about?


Even the comedy shows are about drama.

They just have a funny slant on it.

Why do we love drama so much? Our brains are wired to look for it.

The more primitive parts of our brains

are focused on survival.

That means identifying and neutralizing threats

as quickly as possible.

We share this aspect of our brain with animals.

Watch a herd of animals some time.

Mostly they graze.

If a potential threat appears they take appropriate action.

Either they move to avoid the threat,

Or they discern that there was no threat after all

And go back to grazing.

Humans have a faculty the animals don’t have:

The capacity to think about the threat.

In that way, the fact that we can keep thinking about the threat,

we can never go back to grazing with a feeling of safety like animals can.

If we humans don’t learn to think thoughts of safety and security we end up in a state of constant stress.

The accompanying cortisol courses through our blood

Keeping our bodies in a constant state of high alert.

A constant state of high alert causes inflammation

Which, over time, creates chronic illness.

So why, when we have all this stress already going on

in our bodies all the time,

do we crave drama?

We think other people’s drama is safe for us to experience.

And other people’s drama allows us

to disown our own feelings at least for a little while.

We can see our feelings “out there” in someone else’s story.

It doesn’t really help.

But when you add snacking on sugar and flour

And maybe drinking alcohol,

Or using recreational drugs

You will probably feel different after a while.

There is another way, though.

You can cultivate an attitude of unconditional LOVE.

This is a choice to embrace the golden trinity of emotional states:

1. Peace.

What is peace?

Peace is a state of calm equanimity.

Peace is tranquility.

Peace is “just chillin’”.

How do you cultivate peace?

You choose it.

You choose peace because you want to feel peaceful.

It feels good.

You think calming thoughts like,

“Everything is ok just the way it is.”

“Even if I don’t like what’s happening,  I can accept it.”

“It’s safe for me to let life be the way it is right now.”

2. Love.

How am I defining love here?

Love is over-flowing positive regard.

Love is appreciation.

Love is total acceptance.

Love is deep seeing.

To be clear, love is not co-dependent attachment.

Love is not “you complete me.”

Love arises from a sense of wholeness.

It is impossible to love from a state of lack or incompletion.

And love is not Hallmark sentimentality.

Love and infatuation are very different.

Love is forever.

Infatuation comes and goes.

If you can stop loving someone

you never loved them in the first place.

You were just infatuated with them.

That stops.

3. Oneness.

The third part of the golden trinity is the sense of connection with all life.

It is the conscious awareness that when we look at what life is,

under all the form is energy.

That energy is everywhere,

underlying everything,

even rocks are energy.

Empty space is energy.

You are energy.

You are so much more than a bag of skin and bones.

It seems like you are separate

and alone

and cut off from everything else.

But that is just a surface appearance.

So if you want to decrease the drama, bring down your stress level, ratchet down the doom, and transform the gloom, cultivate unconditional LOVE.

“Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion?”
― Joe DispenzaBreaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

It feels good.

It’s not about anyone else.

It’s not about anything else.

It is about you

choosing LOVE

because you want to,

because you can.

What would it mean to the world if we all did that?

Think about it.

If we all choose to remain calm,

remain open to life being exactly how it is,

right here

right now.

If we all choose to love

a world full of imperfect people

who fail and make mistakes.

If we all choose to remember

that we all fail and make mistakes sometimes

and LOVE each other anyway.

If we all choose to know we are energetically connected.

If we remember that what happens to any of us

happens to all of us on this energetic level.

What would the world be like then?

The need for war would disappear.

Conflicts wouldn’t arise as often

and could be resolved in a productive way

when they did.

Everyone would feel healthier.

Dramatically less stress.

Probably a 90% reduction (just guessing here…)

I like to imagine this world.

I know it is coming for everyone someday.

I choose to live there now.

How about you?

Joy is unconditional LOVE expressed.

I’m going for it.

I’m practicing today

and tomorrow.

Try it!

If you don’t like it

You can always tune back into



and Drama.

It’s just nice to realize that you do have a choice.

You get to think whatever you want to think.

I know it can be a challenge

when circumstances are not what you would prefer.

I get that.

But things are the way things are.

You creating a lot of drama, trauma, doom and gloom

Doesn’t change that.

Unconditional LOVE may not change that

(although it might…

it is that powerful)

But unconditional LOVE will definitely change your experience of whatever it is.

Take back your power to choose from the external world.

And while you are doing that,

Set an impossible goal.

This will change your life like nothing else.

I’ll tell you why another day.

Stay tuned.

7 Reasons Survival Is Dangerous To Your Health and Wellbeing

You must give up survival at once in order to begin to thrive…

Do you have focus on survival?

Are you competing every day for

scarce resources?

Are you focused on winning in order to guarantee your survival?

There is a great change moving across our world.

Many see the chaos and disruption and feel fear.

But there is another possibility.

Reason #1: A focus on survival keeps you focused on fear, lack and scarcity.

When you focus on what is being born, the fear dissipates and is replaced by a contented optimism that all is well.

In the context of “all is well” solutions become apparent that were previously unrecognized.

The fear and anxiety that you thought were protecting you from adversity turn out to be the very adversity from which you were fleeing!

What a joy to discover how useless that how survival orientation was and is.

Reason #2: A focus on survival keeps you focused on the past and what is known rather than creativity and innovation.

As you learn to live in this contented optimism your receptivity expands,

and you become more available to inspiration and creative innovation

that are the hallmarks of success.

Reason #3: A focus on survival reinforces neural pathways in the brain that are triggered by fear.

When you focus on contented optimism

the neural pathways in your brain that are reactive and fear-triggered

begin to degrade through disuse.

New neural pathways of infinite possibility form,

and get stronger and stronger with repeated usage.

This experience of repeatedly choosing contented optimism

opens the door to the experience of unconditional LOVE.

Reason #4: A focus on survival keeps you constantly judging yourself, life, and other people.

When the need to judge every situation

as either “good/bad” or “safe/unsafe” relaxes

you free the present moment to expand in your awareness.

Your own sense of safety in the now

becomes the firm foundation on which you stand

in your daily life.

Unconditional LOVE does not judge. It says, “Yes!” to whatever is happening now.

This joyful embrace of what is so,

with trust and optimistic expectation

changes the perceptual field you are operating in.

Reason #5: A focus on survival limits the options you see in front of you, which means you continually create the same results.

When you perception of the options in front of you changes,

the decisions you make change.

As you make new decisions,

your reality changes,

and always for the better.

You live in an expansive reality that is always becoming more.

This sense of acceleration and flow is delightful,

and you experience much more joy

in your daily walk through the world.

Reason #6: A focus on survival blocks the flow and forces you to keep trying to figure it all out.

No longer burdened by having to analyze

and strategize and figure-out your life,

you instead flow toward the delightful possibilities

that you encounter.

In this flow state the sense of unconditional LOVE again expands.

You become not only committed

to your own success and abundant wellbeing,

but equally committed to the success and abundant wellbeing

of everyone else.

Those who once seemed to be your enemies

now find a place in your heart.

Reason #7: A focus on survival disconnects you from your own sense of well-being and wholeness.

The perception that the expression of wholeness

is always the best option

allows you to feel the connection to all life.

You can trust that each individual

is being guided into this awareness in their own time.

The need to manipulate or try to control life fades away.

It didn’t work anyway,

and was a constant source of frustration.

It is easy to give this up

in the face of living in this flow of life and LOVE.

Your own inner knowing

becomes your trusted guide and companion.

I’ve given you 7 good reasons to give up surviving.

Give it up just for today.

If you don’t like it, you can always go back to it tomorrow.

But I’m betting you won’t want to.

Let me know how it works out for you.

Email me at

I can’t wait to hear from you!

5 Ways You Give Your Power Away And Get Nothing In Return

Are you feeling overwhelmed because circumstances seem bigger than you?

Does it make you angry when people make choices you disagree with you that affect your life?

Are you frustrated by a family member or colleague who just won’t stop doing something that is bad for them, and/or bad for you?

If so, consider these five ways you are giving your power away, and see if you might want to consider claiming your power back.

1. Pessimism.

This view of life activates the reticular activating system in your brain to collect evidence for “why not.” You end up living your life in a way that produces reasons why not, instead of the outcomes you deeply desire.

The truth is, the world is always changing, always expanding, always generating new options and possibilities.

When you allow yourself to reinforce the idea that nothing ever works out for you and never will, you are telling your brain not to notice all the options that would work out or could work out in the future. This is a way of giving away your power that is really dangerous.

We all like to be right, and when you take a stand for things not turning out for you, being right means a life of frustration and defeat. Why would you choose that?

The great thing about life is that we can always change our minds. So try that now. Choose to be wrong about your pessimistic view. Choose to have faith that life is for you. Choose to believe that as you dedicate yourself to finding a way for things to work out for your good and the good of others around you in every situation, that good things will come to pass. Try it for ninety days and see what happens.

2. Pre-judging situations and people.

Another word for pre-judging is prejudice. When you allow yourself to move through life with unexamined pre-judgments about people, places, things, and circumstances you cut yourself off from what is actually happening in the now.

If you are busy having conversations in your mind that reinforce your own point of view you are closing yourself off from the very experiences that could inspire you to change your mind.

This is such a disempowering way of living. Wonderful people and exciting opportunities may be right in front of your face, but you are not able to identify them dues to pre-existing ideas about what is possible, or not possible for you.

How sad is this?

Have you ever known someone who was obviously their own worst enemy? This is what I am talking about. We all do it much of the time, but rarely do we allow ourselves to discover how wrong we were about these circumstances we pre-judge. This is a way of making sure that you live your life inside of a prison of your own making.

Take back the power to be in the present moment open and available to life, open and available to new experiences, open and available to opportunities. Watch miracles unfold in your life!

3. Perverting the opportunities.

Every obstacle and every challenge we face bear the seeds of opportunity within them.

Knowing this and trusting this will change your life.

If you insist on resisting challenges, allowing yourself to be defeated by challenges, and giving up, you are not likely to actualize your potential or realize your dreams.

If instead you embrace a “bring it on” attitude and confront the obstacles and challenges that show up in your life experience, you will find that you become an unstoppable force of nature.

This is possible when you own your power and allow the goodness of life to flow through you and out into the world. When you find the courage to say “yes” to life despite unwanted circumstances new experiences show up with unexpected benefits.

4. Procrastination.

Procrastination is one of the main ways we pervert opportunities and allow ourselves to be defeated by obstacles.

We simply fail to get around to taking the obstacles on. “Later,” “maybe tomorrow,” and “I don’t feel like it right now” are all ways to avoid dealing with our challenges.

We all do it to some extent, but truly successful people who are making things happen don’t allow themselves to do it for long. Building accountability into your life is one way to make sure that procrastination doesn’t get the better of you for long.

When you take back your power and take action now you generate results. True, the result might be success, or it might be failure.

Either way, you are now closer to the result you are intending, whether that is by taking a successful step, or learning something from an unsuccessful step. Either way, you will feel a sense of empowerment for having taken action.

5. Pride.

I’m using the word “pride” in this article to mean not asking for help when you need it.

The idea that anyone can go through life without getting assistance from anyone or anything is false.

No matter how far you go on your own, you will always go farther and most likely enjoy it more if you ask for help along the way.

Now it is true that there are ways of asking for help that don’t work. Whining, complaining, self-pity, and helplessness are not attractive energies.

Seeing oneself clearly, identifying strengths and offering to give in order to receive is a winning strategy most of the time. I’ve found that truly resourceful people are typically quite humble, and always acknowledge the support they have received from others along the way.

Have you noticed that our world works through relationships? It is true that many of the challenges we face involve other people but succeeding at something alone is far less satisfying than success shared in a team effort.

When you learn to communicate effectively and lead a group toward an intended result the sense of empowerment soars!

So turn away from pessimism, pre-judging, perverting, procrastinating and isolating yourself in pride. In so doing you will find your sense of yourself as a powerful creator expanding while you are realizing your dreams.


5 Ways to Feel Better Fast

How would it feel to overcome the frustration of a bad day and do it FAST?

if that would feel good, read this:

It is probably safe to say that every one of us experiences some kind of set back every day.

Hopefully it is a small thing:

someone cuts you off in traffic,

your boss or client is unhappy with something you did at work,

your spouse is critical because of something you didn’t do at home.

And then there are really bad days when something more major happens.

When you allow your circumstances to dictate who you are, every day is a bad day.

Here are five ways to take your power back from circumstances

and feel better FAST!

The first strategy is to define the circumstance that upset you in a neutral way.

Using the example of a traffic issue:

instead of “some insane jerk pulled right in front of me and cut me off”

try describing it in more neutral terms:

somebody pulled in front of me unexpectedly.

Right there you have already claimed back 80% of the emotional energy you would have wasted on that situation.

Can you see how you would already feel better simply by owning your power to neutralize what happened?

Has the circumstance changed? No.

But you changed your mind about what happened.

That is powerful!

Next, decide how you want to feel about that situation.

Maybe your strategy would be to stay calm and allow that action to just float by you like a cloud in the sky.

Maybe your strategy would be to experience some compassion for this stranger.

Notice how empowering it is to be choosing how you want to feel.

You’ve taken back another 5% of your personal power.

Now, ask yourself what kind of thought you would have to think in order to feel how you want to feel.

To feel calm, you might choose to think

“I’m glad I’m out of that person’s way.”

“I’m grateful that we didn’t collide.”

“I’m glad I’m able to feel calm and centered while I’m driving.”

To feel compassionate, you might choose to think,

“It must feel awful to be in such a state,

whether it is just selfishness, or some type of emergency…

I know how awful that feels, and I choose to send him some compassion.”

Again, notice you are focusing on your own well-being,

and out of the fullness of that wellbeing,

you are thinking thoughts that lift you into your higher self,

your most loving and compassionate self.

You are choosing to be the self you really want to be.

Notice that the same guy who did cut you off

has become an access point for you to reach into

and step into a more loving aspect of yourself

than you were in before the circumstance happened.

Can you see how powerful this is?

Can you see the freedom this gives you?

Now you have neutralized the circumstance,

selected a loving thought,

and you are now feeling more love and gratitude than before the event occurred.

What action do you want to take now?

Well, first notice the actions you already took to create a loving response and to bring a more present loving you into that moment.

Celebrate that!

Moving on, what next?

Drive calmly where you want to go?

Arrive safely?

Arrive fulfilled and with loving energy available to seed your next interaction?

Imagine your next meeting starting off on this higher plane.

Where might that lead you?

Can you see the infinite possibilities you are accessing for yourself out of this loving presence?

And finally, what might be the result of that action?

The meeting will go well.

Your business will prosper.

Your client will prosper.

More business will arise from that success.

Perhaps a raving fan is born

that is the source of many referrals in the future.

Do you see how that great energy multiplies on its own?

Do you see the ripple of LOVE moving out in front of you

creating a smooth path ahead?

Do you see the flow state you have entered

and how it affects the present moment

in a way that guarantees a more loving experience?

Notice that you have moved beyond

merely feeling better into feeling great:

empowered, uplifted, encouraged, joyful…

all because you were willing to own your power to co-create with life.

You stepped up to recreate an unwanted circumstance into an opportunity to birth compassion and LOVE into your own present moment.

Congratulations! Well done.

Mindset work transforms your life and your business!

It is the most powerful tool in your toolbox when you know how to use it.