I have individualized consulting programs in the following areas:

  • Conscious Co-Creation:
    • build the skills required to let go of living in reactivity and begin co-creating
  • Inner Game Work:
    • identify and shed the false beliefs that are creating an inner glass ceiling in your life, keeping you stuck in a box that is familiar, but way too small to allow the fullness of your being to emerge. We work on mastering Power Relating: the ability to relate to yourself, to life, and to others by conscious design and the embodiment of your most deeply held values.
  • Vibrational Restructuring:
    • master your self-talk to create conscious connection to your Essence, and up-level your energetic frequencies so that you live in the space of inspiration and creativity
  • Living Your Destiny:
    • integrate your co-creative potential with financial success. We partner together to step into the vision for your future that is indicated by your deepest dreams and desires. We formulate a direct plan of action. You will create success on your own terms and with ease. You will unleash your passion for your work and for your life. You will connect with the genius of your authentic self and become unstoppable!
  • Enlightened Entrepreneurship:
    • build an online-presence to enable you to make money doing what you love while making your greatest contribution to our world
  • Radiance and Visibility:
    • if you are an entrepreneur looking to shed your unconscious commitment to invisibility, and being the best kept secret in town, then this work is for you. Uncover and identify the ways that your choices and perceptions are being limited by the need to fly under the radar, and learn to live in courage and confidence. Your radiance expands one new choice at a time. But often our survival as children depended on remaining invisible. It is frightening to face the challenge of being seen by yourself. Give yourself the gift of support as you move into your full radiance and begin to shine like the star that you are in the marketplace.
  • Expanding Your Experience of Essence:
    • a life lived from the mind is arid, dry and ultimately untenable. If you are successful, but feeling unfulfilled this why. If the question “Is this all there is?” is constantly emerging into your awareness it is because you have inadvertently disconnected from your essence and shut down your heart. If you don’t know what you are feeling and what you need it is essential that you obtain the support you need to connect to your essence. When this connection is conscious and deep the experience of passion and purpose emerge. Your daily actions are inspired by who you are, and you live in alignment with your essence in a way that is deeply fulfilling and highly motivating!

Please contact me at to arrange a free Mindset Expansion Session.

During this complimentary session we will:

**Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate business success

**Uncover hidden challenges that may be slowing down your business growth

**Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally have and enjoy the business of your dreams that makes a huge contribution to the world, and gives you the financial stability to enjoy your life on your own terms.